We provide odor survey services to meet regulatory odor standards. In addition, we cover strange odor surveys,

qualification tests on deodorizing equipment/deodorants, odor control in factories/workplaces, odor quality control of products,

and odor assessment for product development.

・Odor survey and evaluation

We provide a wide range of odor survey services for testing factory odors, workplace odor, deodorizing equipment, indoor odors, and products.


・Odor control consulting

Experienced engineers help plan and manage odor control in factories and workplaces.


・Qualification test of deodorizing equipment and deodorants.

We have extensive experience with qualification tests on deodorizing equipment and deodorants.



・Sensory evaluation by a multi-person olfactory panel

We have an exclusive olfactory panel for a sensory evaluation, which consists of 15 members or more.

The largest panel size in the industry allows for objective evaluations of odor intensity and preferences through statistical techniques.


・Odor characterization with off-flavor gas chromatography/mass spectrometry

 We use gas chromatography/mass spectrometry system to identify odor components as a part of the activities

for identifying substances that emit off-flavor and developing flavor components for products .